Aparna’s Journey


Aparna’s Journey

Aparna Bajpai is synonymous with Attitude Ambition and Achievement. She has always dreamed big and works with focus and determination to turn her dreams into reality. As newly wed,a very young bride who accompanied her husband to London she soon found herself a job at the prestigious Prima , where she climbed the corporate ladder at a very fast pace. Prioritizing and balancing family and career she stopped working to focus on motherhood. Blessed with a wonderful daughter she has changed her approach and continues to blaze a trail.

Participating in the beauty pageant Mrs. India Globe, one of the most popular and distinguished title and award in India open to married women only, was the spark that ignited a fire in Aparna Bajpai! It awakened slumbering Ambition, Belief, Courage and Determination to Empower herself. With no opportunity to join any formal pageant training programs she designed her own fitness, grooming and beauty regimen. Her charisma and confidence impressed the judges and this is what won her the title, she walked away with the crown!

She was not satisfied basking in the glare of the media and all that goes with winning these titles her mind was focused on how to turn her triumph into an empowerment platform for married women and so BEING SHE was born

Aparna says “there are several ways to achieve one’s goals realizes one’s dreams however the ultimate success or realization lies within each individual. Attitude Belief Courage Determination will Empower you”!

Be proud of who you are, get comfortable in your own skin, and share your true self with others

Aparna is gregarious by nature and enjoys interacting with people. She believes that meeting new people is always a learning experience.

She enjoys reading, and working out however she is happiest when creating opportunities for women to help them identify their strengths and become better versions of themselves!

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