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Being She is an online digital magazine, with content published monthly. We will have articles that are time-relevant and focus on one of our main topic areas. These include Wealth, Lifestyle, Health, Travel, Business, Relationships, Entertaining, Technology, Earthwise and Networking.. We will accept articles/ideas for Married –Women on a Mission, Women in Business and Women on the go Women in CSR. If you know of a woman who is making a difference in her community and her company/family/community

She Talks Towards.... Maturescence

AKA Advancement, Capability, Development, Experience, Full bloom Fitness, Prime of life Sophistication, Wisdom...

She Talks is our platform that focuses on relevant social issues, through dialogue and discussion our mission is to give married women tools to identify, process, and thrive, breakthrough personal issues and challenges.

We believe that by using the power of dialogue and storytelling, we are able to support and empower married women to work with/through their struggles to become the most fully realized version of themselves— creating leaders, innovators, and confident individuals that make better overall life choices.

She talks is our interaction with the experts in any field that has an impact of the life of the married woman
Health providers, Hospitality, Media, Skincare Grooming, Accessories, Education, Skills, Home Affairs.

We launch

  • Speakers by giving them a forum to present to the public
  • Women who want to create their own identity
  • Women who want to start a business
  • Women who are employed/running a business and want to expand their horizons
  • Our forum enables aspiring women to walk into the spot light

Being She - She Talk

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A couple’s quest to save a relationship

Dubai couple separated for years tell how they fought to keep their marriage alive.

She Talks Topic - Self Confidence with Andreea Zoia | Being She 1st Event

Being She launches their first She Talks all about self-confidence. We were honored to have Andreea Zoia with us to talk on self-confidence.

She Talks Topic - Andreea Zoia | Q & A

We were extremely delighted to have Andreea Zoia with us for our She Talks. She shared some interesting tips on building self-confidence, how to overcome the fear of public speaking & stage fright. Watch the video to know more.

She Talks Topic - About Being She

Being She is a platform to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness. Because, just like a rose is beautiful, so is a sunflower, so is an orchid, all flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that's like women too. On this stage we call life, the woman plays multiple roles and when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens!!

She Talks Topic - Extraordinary Stories of Celebrities | At Modista

Extraordinary stories of the celebrities on woman empowerment, well being of woman & encouraging the uniqueness in each and every woman. Watch the video to know more.

She Talks Topic - Self Confidence with Andreea Zoia

We were extremely delighted to have Andreea Zoia with us for our She Talks. She shared some interesting tips on building self-confidence, how to overcome the fear of public speaking & stage fright. Watch the video to know more.

She Talks Topic - Building Your Own Identity

eing She is the encouragement & enablement platform for the woman for their own identity. Sense of purpose & identity is very important for a woman's well being.

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